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CableFlights Stuttgart & Vienna

Traffic issues in metropolitan areas increase daily and cause a horrendous outcome for the environment. In order to reduce environmental problems and the air pollution through cars, a CableFlights system can transport cars and their passengers from the suburbs into the city centers. For example, a CableFlight system in Stuttgart could start on the parking lot of the convention center Stuttgart. The ropeway track would lead to a roof of another parking lot in the city; from there, the cars will be further transported to Stuttgart Wasen and finally to the highway junction Zuffenhausen. The CableFlights system offers two benefits by flying over Stuttgart. First, the car drivers can avoid traffic congestions in Stuttgart city and from the highway junction at the convention center Stuttgart leading to the highway A81. Secondly, the car passengers may enjoy a great view over the city of Stuttgart and may travel stress-free to their final destination.

During the flight, the platforms provide either cooling or heating systems for the passengers. In addition, electric cars may be charged on the platforms during the transport. Furthermore, passengers will find a FlyInRestaurant during the flight. The passengers may order food and drinks through a mobile application. The order may be processes and prepares and the passengers shall receive their drinks and meals through the car window once arrived. Instead of being stuck in traffic around Stuttgart, the guests also enjoy a great and new view of the city, may eat food and have drinks from the FlyInRestaurant, are completely relaxed at the end of their flight and have a fully recharged car: It`s carmazing! “We expect that we can transport up to 500 cars per hour for every direction. Each year, Stuttgart could save 30.000 t CO2 emissions,“ says Michael Mack. Mack has registered over 20 patents so far and is the inventor of both the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANTS® and the CarmusementFlights, CableFlights and the FlyInRestaurants. Mack adds: “Concerning the space requirements and the constructional implementation, the construction of a ropeway system through a city is far less complicated than building additional roads, rails, or tunnels. The construction of a ropeway costs merely a minor amount compared to other traffic infrastructure projects. Furthermore, the CableFlights systems add a fun and entertainment factor compared to regular infrastructure solutions.” The CableFlights systems, however, are not only applicable as infrastructural measures in cities, but also in amusement or safari parks. The CableFlights systems may connect different destinations within the park or two different parts of the park as well as serve as connection to the park hotels.

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